Baby Wrap

Young, expectant parents are told by advertising or even the environment that they should necessarily equip themselves with many different items to prepare their home perfectly for the new citizen of the earth and make this a beautiful arrival.

The baby must not lack anything, from the perfectly furnished nursery to the modern stroller with which one likes to show off in the neighborhood to the baby monitor that monitors every noise, everything has been purchased for a long time.
Yet all this is not necessary to make a baby happy, because especially in the beginning, in addition to the need for sleep and food, it actually needs only a little something more.

The need for closeness

Compared to other mammals, humans are born relatively unfinished and helpless. After months in the warm belly of the mother, where the baby felt safe and secure, never had to suffer hunger and always had the reassuring heartbeat of the mother in the ear, suddenly everything is different.
It is cold, strange noises and faces everywhere, the environment loud and new. The only instrument a newborn has at its disposal to express its discomfort is its voice, and very often the crying stops when you pick up the child and cradle it or speak lovingly to it.
A basic need of the baby is closeness, closeness especially to its mother, but other caregivers are also welcome and can cause the baby to calm down through touch and encouragement.

Slings and baby carriers – useful and practical

Every pregnant woman should inform herself about the possibilities of carrying the baby. There are now countless variants of baby carriers and just as many different baby slings.
It is important to pay attention to the correct posture of the baby, as ergonomic carriers allow. The buttocks should remain below the knees, the back should be nicely rounded, which is best accomplished with a sling.
Since many parents, especially with the first child, do not dare to tie a sling, there are now babywearing consultants who show various tying techniques in a relaxed atmosphere during a home visit.

Babywearing in Chile, USA and EU

In Europe and the USA, there are many companies that specialize in babywearing and want to outdo each other.
Especially in the low price segment, you can find carriers that are neither optimal for the baby nor for the wearer. The child often hangs unnaturally and without really being able to move between the straps, often even with the face forward, which can squeeze the testicles of boys and basically lead to a sensory overload from which the children can not free themselves. Back problems are pre-programmed for the person carrying the child due to the incorrect weight distribution. Unfortunately, these systems still sell very well because of the low price.
In Chile, on the other hand, the preferred means of transport for the baby is the wrap, a baby sling. This is perfectly adapted to mother and child. It is breathable, washable and multifunctional, can be used for carrying in front of the belly, on the hip or on the back, depending on the need and situation. In addition, the child in the sling naturally adopts a posture similar to that of the mother’s belly, which prevents him from malpositions.
Carrying the child is always a good idea. Various aids ensure that the carrier can provide closeness but still has his hands free to devote to siblings or the household, or even just go for a walk. If the right system is found, the investment is definitely worth it and you will be rewarded with a relaxed, satisfied Bany.

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